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Live Music on The Verandah with Ben Beckendorf

Live Music on The Verandah with Ben Beckendorf and Eats: Fired Up Kitchen with Chef Gino. Ben Beckendorf was born in Austin Texas in the 50s. Texas was already in the groove of the Blues - with the likes of T-Bone Walker, Lightnin' Hopkins, Freddie King, and many more. Little did they know another bluesman had been born. His family moved to California for a while, then back to Texas, and eventually located in central Texas on a ranch just North of Fredericksburg. "The nearest neighbors we had were miles away, so my guitar became my best friend. I would spend hours a day listening to records and trying to figure out patterns on the guitar." Ever since he knew what a guitar was, Ben wanted one, and in 1964 Ben picked up his first guitar (it was a Gene Autry guitar that used to be his father's that he found in his Grandmother's attic) and never put it down.